UPPSC 2022 Mains Section-wise Analysis and Preparation Tips

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UPPSC 2022 Mains Section-wise Analysis and Preparation Tips:- Candidates who are appearing for the UPPSC PCS Mains exam 2022 should check out the important preparation tips that we have provided to you here. This year, a total of 5964 candidates have cleared the Prelims exam and will be asked to appear for the UPPSC Mains exam. These candidates can download their UPPSC admit cards as they are now available on the official UPPSC website. 

It is important for every candidate to know some of the tips that will help them to crack the PCS exam. On that note, let’s go through an analysis of the UPPSC Mains test based on previous years’ trends, UPPSC answer keys and the latest exam pattern along with some important section-wise preparation tips to perform better in the exam.

Section-wise Analysis with Preparation Tips:-

General Hindi:-

  • Hindi is one of the most important subjects in the UPPCS Mains test; unlike the UPSC Mains, marks earned in Hindi are added to the final score, providing applicants with an excellent opportunity to achieve a great score.
  • The questions are based on general knowledge of Hindi grammar, unseen passages, letter writing, and so on. Each question is worth 10 to 20 points, depending on the question’s requirements.
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UPPSC 2022 Mains Section-wise Analysis and Preparation Tips


  • The essay is broken into three sections. There are three topics in each section, and applicants must attempt one question from each section.
  • Each essay is worth 50 marks and has a word limit of 700 words.

General Studies:-

  • General Studies consists of four papers: GS1, GS2, GS3, and GS4. Each paper is worth 200 marks. The commission has supplied the syllabus for each GS Paper, which comprises courses from General Studies.
  • This is the most important component of the UPPCS Mains Exam, as these four papers account for 800 marks out of a possible 1500.
  • Each GS Paper is broken into two sections with a total of 20 questions, all of which are mandatory:
Section DetailsSection ASection B
Answer typeShort AnswerLong Answer 
Word Limit125 Words200 Words
Marks Allotted8 Marks12 Marks
Number of Questions1010

Optional Papers:-

  • Aside from the aforementioned papers, there are two 3 hour papers for the optional topic. An applicant can select any subject from the previous list of 34 subjects.
  • Each paper is worth 200 marks and lasts 3 hours, with questions based on a graduation-level understanding of the chosen subject.
  • Choosing the proper option is critical since it can mean the difference between success and failure in the UPPCS Mains 2022 Examination.
  • Each Optional Paper contains eight questions divided into two halves. Each question is worth 40 marks. Candidates must attempt any 5 questions, selecting at least two from each section.

Tips to cover Current Affairs for UPPCS Mains 2022 Exam:-

  • Current Affairs questions from the state, national, and international levels are frequently asked in the UPPCS Mains Exam. Here are some pointers for covering current events for the UPPCS Mains Exam:
  • Unlike the preliminary examination, the UPPCS Mains exam necessitates a solid comprehension of the subject matter. To do well in such questions, you must be able to write significant content in the appropriate environment.
  • To answer current affairs questions in the UPPCS Mains Exam, candidates might use the “List and Folder” Technique. In this method, you must list all of the significant developments that occurred in the previous year that are relevant to the examination. Each year, there are around 200-250 similar topics.
  • After you have listed the themes, you must write down all of the necessary data and information that you can discover on these topics, as well as the key terms, and organize it in distinct folders. In the next months, you can add more material to these files as needed.
  • You will clearly demarcate the themes and have a clear grasp of key current events that may be questioned in the UPPCS Mains Examination if you use this strategy.
  • Candidates must pay close attention to UP-specific current affairs and schemes. This part is used to answer 2-3 questions in each paper.
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